Saturday, December 22, 2007


The editing still goes. I only have 5 chapters left on the first read through. So far I've noticed that it's 60% solid, 20% weak, 10% that probably needs to be cut, and 10% bloody brilliant. It's funny reading because I'll read a chapter and just feel like it runs and flows beautifully, has only surface mistakes, and when I'm done I'm like "wow." Then I read the next chapter and I feel like I must have written it drunk; it just goes thud. Either way, I think I've fixed most of the glaring terribleness, enough so that I can give a couple of copies to close friends who will sock me with their honest brutality and tell me whether I need to shelve it or keep plugging away and publish it.

Truth is, I know which parts I found troublesome and I want to know if they agree. There's some stuff I think I'll cut and some stuff I'll fix up.

The Holiday's and my brother's wedding have made working difficult. Today just flew away and I don't know where it went. I hope to finish the last five chapters by Christmas. We'll see.

I'm just anxious to move on to actual writing again instead of this incessant editing. I fucking hate editing. My broken earth idea is morphing and changing into something wildly different, so I'm glad I've giving it time to mature.

My new year's resolution is to finish a second book, and to watch tv far less than I do.

peace out people

Word of the Year (2007): Conclusion

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