Monday, February 18, 2008

Like a Kamikaze

That's how Chapter 8 went down.  Kamikazes used to be my favorite drink when I was younger and not supposed to drink.  They're an easy mix of vodka, triple sec, and lime.  When you first start drinking one you pucker at the tartness of the lime; it's sort of like "arrggh, what is this madness?"  But as you reach the end of it, the sweetness of the triple sec become evident and you're sort of like, "ahhhh this isn't so bad, it's actually kind of nice."  Then all that Vodka hits you, and you weren't expecting it and you're left wondering where the hell it all  came from, but only for a second because after a second you no longer care, you just want more.

Actually Chapter 8 was a lot of fun to write, and would have been a lot more fun if I could have found a nice place to do it.  I really like getting out of the house on the weekends and working at Starbucks seems a logical fit.  The only problem is that I know too many people and they always seem to want to talk.  On top of that, the sun picked yesterday to be all warm and shiny so sitting outside was rather uncomfortable.  

So I had a lot of fun with this chapter and I did some really blatant foreshadowing.  Actually it was less foreshadowing and more me coming out and saying to my characters:  hey, during the course of this crazy adventure, you're going to do this, you're going to have this done to you, and you....well just you wait till I tell you what YOU'RE going to do.  Of course each character learned their fate independent of the others but I think it will really make things interesting-er.

Chapter Nine is going to up the stakes a bit...ok, a lot.  

I was in bed last night thinking about The Last Guardian.  I've come to the conclusion that I am not happy with it.  I mean I'm happy about it, but I want to dip a red pen and slash the crud out of it.  I will probably wait until I'm done with Jak, or I may take a week and do it, but there are some real problems with it that need to be fixed.  Right now it's like bad beauty pageant pretty, and I want it to be Couture Model HOT.  I think it can be.  I want it to be.  

Speaking of pens, I want a pen I can toss around and not feel too bad about but not one that's disposable.  I've really come to love using a fountain pen and now I'm in need of one for daily use.  My Cross is spectacular for the novel.  I mean it writes perfectly.  I'm just afraid of dragging it all around and losing it; I can't lose it until I've finished with Jak.  I bought a Lamy to use but it's so we even though it's a fine nib that I get ink on my fingers.

Word of the day:  Kamikaze  

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