Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Caught Up (and not getting caught)

I’m behind on all my projects. My short stories are behind, but I put the Shambles of Love into a critique group so I’m okay with holding off on any more shorts until I get some feedback on that. My current project ddl is going well but slowly.

Writing first person is difficult. DDL is first person and it’s tough to keep my narrator in line, to keep him from running away with my story. I think first person is maybe the hardest narrative form I’ve ever written. I’ve never done it for more than a short story and those were never good. So this is a challenge, hence taking it slowly.

I’ve put Plain Jane on hold. I discovered that writing a comic, not easy. It’s freaking hard as a matter of fact, and something that when I do needs my undivided attention.

I’m still editing Jak and that’s going okay.

Mostly I’m getting nervous about my trip to Europe. I’m a planner and I need to be planning things, but all the stuff that can be planned has been. It’s not like I can pack a month in advance, because believe me, if I could, I’d already be packed.

I have come up with a couple more short story ideas. I think when DDL is done I’m going to spend a couple of months doing nothing but writing short stories. Then I think I’ve already come up with my next project (unless Jak gets picked up in which case I’ll be writing two more books of him). The idea involves the Dead Letter Office in a post office and all the things my MC finds there.

I think I’ve said it before: Having too many ideas is a problem I’m glad to have!

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