Thursday, March 12, 2009

The end of one path, the beginning of another

FYI, the first thing I realized is that my blog is OMG-BORING.  I've hired someone less boring to post as me from now on.  Bring in the dancing puppies!

So this is the entry.  This is the one where I look back on the start of this blog that no one reads and go, "Wowiee, wow!  I'm a real writer now.  Paid and everything."  And that's true.  I started this blog to track my path from first written word to sold manuscript, and we're there.  Yesterday it was official.  And I'll continue this blog as I begin a new journey as an actual author.  Will I be able to turn this into a career that supports me?  Will my book bomb?  Will they actually name it THE GREAT COOKIE?  (The day after I found out it had sold I had a nightmare that they demanded my book be named THE GREAT COOKIE).  Those are the questions I'll be answering over the next year as I move from published author to "holy sh!t that's MY book on the shelf with the neon-puke cover."

Until then though, I'm going to answer the one burning question on everyone's mind:  what's my secret?  What made THE DEATHDAY LETTER what it is?  

The answer is:  masturbation euphemisms.  And penis euphemisms, and sex euphemisms.  

My next book is just a listing of samurai and ninja themed porn movie titles.  And some other stuff that happens.

Stay tuned for my next entry:  The entire plot of the Twilight series in haiku.  

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