Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Health Stuff

Health Check! Still doing miserably. I haven't really got an excuse. Okay, I'm not doing miserably, really. I've managed to cut back on my bad eating habits and I made my gym a couple of times, but I haven't gotten that renewed vigor that I usually get when I go full tilt toward being healthy. I still think it stems from not having a reason.

Regardless, this week I'm going to try two new things.

1. I'm going to sit, right after I'm done typing this, and plan my menu for the week. I think a lot of my bad habits stem from lack of time. Like Friday night. I had an idea for a book I want to write and I'd been thinking about it all day, so when I got home I pulled out my whiteboard and notebooks and started planning it out. By the time my belly rumbled it was late and I was still heavily into my brainstorming session, so I just ordered pizza. If I'd had a meal planned and precooked, I could have maybe avoided those calories. Problem is that I'm a terrible cook. Really terrible. Not that I can't follow directions but I have a difficult time doing many things in the kitchen at once. Generally I burn at least one component. But I'm going to give it a shot. I'm going to plan out my menu and the associated calories and see if I can't stick to it.

2. The other thing I'm going to do was suggested to me by Nomadshan. I'm going to set up my day job office so that I have to stand. When I worked at Sbux, I stood for hours and hours daily. I'm not expecting that to burn loads of calories, but I spend 9 hours there on my butt and 2-4 hours daily at home on my butt, writing. It might help get me going so that I have more energy by the time I get home. It's just too easy to go from one place where I sit to another where I sit. I'm going to break the cycle and toss my chair.

And that's it. Baby steps. Remember I'm not looking for a quick way to lose weight, I'm trying to change my habits so that I can create a sustainable lifestyle that's also healthy.

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  1. Sustainable - excellent plan. I tried to figure out how many more calories I burn standing + found some wildly conflicting data. But I think over a 6-hr period, I burn ~200 more calories than I would sitting. I'll take it!


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