Monday, July 20, 2009

Tweaked Website Design

Hey all!

I tweaked my website design over at I'm curious what you think. Only the link back to this blog is active but I'm curious what you all think of the aesthetic. I've got plenty of time before I need to have a fully functional website so I want to get it right. The only real difference between this one and the other one is the quality of graphics and size.

Questions? Comments? Should I scrap it entirely? I'm all ears (actually I'm all nose, but don't tell anyone).


  1. I like the corkboard items. Should you add one for events/appearances? I hear we should also consider email signup for a newsletter, and contests -- but only if you want to do them.

  2. Thank you both :) I'm still messing. I'm working right now on a design that's all brick walls and graffiti (it ties into the book). That's the nice thing about being able to do web design, I can test out lots of stuff for free and then if I still want a professional to do it, I can just give them my site.

    Thanks for looking :)

  3. Love it! I just started attempting to design my own website, and it is not easy. Hat's off to you for designing something that really stands out and shows off your great sense of humor.


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