Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Health Stuff plus DMB and the Apocalypse

Today I'm back on my diet and I'm about to wash my car and hit the gym. How's that for healthy? Right.

So this was my first Dave Matthews concert and it didn't disappoint. It was freaking fantastic. It was a cool mix of old and new songs. I went with Angie. She isn't a huge fan and got annoyed when they jammed for fifteen minutes during Jimi Thing, but I just ignored it and soaked up the songs. Really great stuff. The two highlights for me were when they covered Burning Down the House, and when they closed the show with Grey Street. It was really special. Here's the set list and some video and pics.

Funny The Way It Is
So Damn Lucky
Why I Am
You Might Die Trying
Crash Into Me
Typical Situation
Burning Down The House (Talking Heads cover)
Jimi Thing
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Alligator Pie
Dancing Nancies
You & Me
Time Bomb
Little Thing (tease)
Grey Street

The apocalypse refers to the two tropical systems that may or may not be bearing down on me later this week. As of now we're in the cone of death, but Ana and future Bill may peter out. I could stand a nice cat 1 hurricane. It would give me some nice writing time :)

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  1. The conference sounds like it was awesome! And good luck with the hurricanes. I hope they aren't too bad!


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