Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Update!

So I'm likely going to be rolling the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) into one lump post for the next few weeks. I got my revision notes back from my editor and I have a lot of stuff to do. Unfortunately blogging tends to get the short straw when I have to prioritize. That just means I'll have to make every post count!

My Friday Mixed Bag was really just going to be a short little piece on taking time to smell the roses. My boss at my day job went on vacation and when he came back he ended up in the hospital with some viral heart thing and pneumonia. The doctors attribute it to stress. My boss owns the company so he's frequently up at the ass-crack of dawn working. Then he's in the office working all day. Then he goes home and works until all hours of the night. Yes, our business is successful, but at what cost? The event has caused him to reevaluate his situation, which is awesome. What's the point in living if you can't enjoy it a little?

Saturday Health stuff: Still a fatty. I admit it: the reason I want to get healthy is because I hate looking frumpy. It has nothing to do with wanting to feel better, though that would be nice. No, mostly it's vanity. I just can't seem to find an activity that I enjoy that also has the benefits of being good for me. I get to the gym a couple times a week but it's SO BORING! Even listening to good music and podcasts and audio books it's boring. That's one of the reason I want to move to CO. I like hiking and skiing and rafting. On the dieting side, I'm doing better. I had Thai last night and still feel stuffed today, but it was SO worth it. The Thai place by my house does an awesome Panang Curry.

Sunday Media! Dexter. I got ahold of an advanced copy of the first episode of the new season and it rocks. I've been a Dexter fan since day one. He's a character with a darkness inside that most people won't admit to having, yet he's so relatable that I find myself both cheering for him and skeeved out that I'm cheering for a sociopath. That's a real credit to the writers of the show (and the original books which are also awesome). They take someone normally despicable and make him sympathetic. More than sympathetic. They make him just like us.

Anyway, so this season looks to be great. Last season ended with Dexter's marriage and the impending birth of his son. This season picks up 3 months after the delivery of the baby and there are surprises galore. It's tough being a first time parent. It's even tougher being a first time parent and a serial killer. This season is shaping up to be the best season yet. A great new antagonist is introduced and some old friends from past seasons are back with a vengeance. I highly recommend watching it when it comes on. September 27th on Showtime.


  1. Depending on where you choose in Colorado, the opportunities are great. I preferred living in Boulder, even though it's expensive, just because I could walk to a foothills trailhead in 15 minutes. And there's a general appreciation of being healthy and fit. If you can get a decent wage and ignore the CU frat morons, you'll be golden.

    Um, yeah...panang curry. If I were going to be cooked, that's the sauce I'd request.

    You remind me to check for Dexter season 3 on NetFlix - love that show. He's amazing for empathy.

  2. Yeah, Boulder is where I want to go. The job market is just making it really tough to go. I have a great job here in FL and there aren't may jobs anywhere right now. In my younger days I would have just packed up and gone but I find that constancy and stability are requirements for me writing. If I moved without a solid foundation already in place I feel like it could jeopardize my fragile writing career.

    It's sort of a crappy situation, one that I'm trying to work a way out of, but writing takes priority right now so until then I just suck it up :)

    Ohhhhh, season three was great!


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