Saturday, November 14, 2009

NanoWriMo - Day 14

Words Written Today:  7677

Sorry for the non-post yesterday.  I took the day off yesterday.  Today was a bit of a downer writing day.  Not that it was bad, I got a lot done, but it was also the reveal, so I felt like a lot of today was full of talking heads.  The worst thing is a chapter full of exposition and that's essentially what I wrote.  I know that I'll fix it in revision, but it was tough slogging through it.  Then I finished another chapter that I'm not sure fits the tone of the rest of the book.  But by the time I finished, I started a chapter that was a return to the tone of the rest.

But I'm starting to wind down.  I think I have about 10-15k words left of the story.  It's the big showdown, and I'm excited.

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