Thursday, November 5, 2009

NanoWriMo - Day 5

Word Written Today: 4782

I forget where I read it, but as I was preparing for NaNo, I read a tip that said never to stop writing for the day at the end of a chapter. To always end in the middle. I thought it was silly until I tried it. What a great tip. Not only does it make me want to write more, but I easily start a new writing session by diving in where I left off. I don't have to think about how to begin the next chapter. And then by the time I actually get to that next chapter, I'm already on a roll and the beginning just comes out.

I'm at the really fun part. The subplots are all starting to come out. I've had the main story for some time now, but I hadn't even thought of sub plots, well now they're just coming out of the woodworks, begging to be written. It's fun and neat. Maybe I won't use most of them, but they're there if I need them.

I've been getting to talk to a lot of great writers and this event has really got me fired up. Five days down, 25 to go!

Write on.

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