Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book Reviews: Three Tenners

Tenner books have begun to hit the bookshelves and they're getting some really great reviews.  Recently though I've had the opportunity to read three ARC's of Tenner books that are NOT out yet.  And all I can say is:  wow.

ESCAPING THE TIGER by Laura Manivong (March 9) - ESCAPING THE TIGER is the story of Vonlai, his family, their escape from Communist Laos across the Mekong river, and their time in a Thai refugee camp. This book was both alien and familiar.  The book is skillfully flavored with Vonlai's culture without alienating the reader.  The themes of family and escape are powerful.  ESCAPING THE TIGER is exactly the kind of book I would have devoured as a boy.  I suspect it's going to be a classic.

EVERLASTING by Angie Frazier (June 1)- I freely admit that EVERLASTING is not the kind of book I would have bought for myself, however it would have then been my loss because Frazier's world is gritty and beautiful and enchanting.  EVERLASTING is the story of Camille Rowen's adventure to find her mother, a map, and a mysterious treasure.  A little bit Jane Austen and a little bit Indiana Jones, this book was fantastic.  If Disney doesn't snatch this up and make it into a movie, it'll be our loss.

THE REINVENTION OF EDISON THOMAS (March 15) by Jacqueline Houtman - In a note on the inside of this ARC Jacqueline wrote, "Great minds don't all think alike."  And that's the true message of THE REINVENTION OF EDISON THOMAS.  This book really resonated with me as I think it will resonate with anyone who's ever felt confused or different.  The story is about Eddy, a boy who is a little different.  The character of Eddy is handled so masterfully.  It's frustrating to watch Eddy not get some of the things that are happening to him but so much more satisfying to watch him figure them out later on.  Quite frankly, this book is amazing and I can't recommend it enough.

I have an order coming from Powells with all of the Tenner books that have come out to date and when I've read those, I'll put them up as well, but these three books should go on your "TO BE PRE-ORDERED IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT FAIL" list.  And maybe I'm a little biased, but that doesn't mean they're not absolutely amazing.


  1. Good to know! Just added them to the ol' book birthday list.

  2. Thanks for the info - I am ALWAYS looking for more boks to read!

  3. Rad Shaun!
    I just finished and loved Everlasting too! AND you have to read my Goodreads review---I made the Indiana Jones comparison too. :D

    Rollicking good fun!


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