Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My weight loss has stalled at 198 lbs.  I was doing so well, the pounds were coming off, and now...I'm stuck.  I'm pushing myself a little further--doing an hour of cardio six days a week rather than 40 minutes.  I'm shaking up my eating a little--trying new things, eating a little more, then a little less, then no carbs for a day or two.  But the truth is that I'm stuck in a rut.  I've hit a plateau.

So how do you all break through your plateaus?  Agent-mate and all around awesome human being always has great fitness tips at daily pie (sadly, no real pie, though she has given me tips on how to make my own key lime pie which I'm still itching to try.)

Also, if you don't know who Cole Gibsen is, you soon will.   Go say hi to her and congratulate her on her two book deal with Flux.  Her first book KATANA (that I read an early draft of and is A-FREAKING-MAZING) will be out early 2012.  I can't wait to see KATANA out on shelves.  Samurai will be the new vampires (except vampires are lame and Samurai ROCK!).

Lastly, I figured I'd do a Q&A post if there's interest.  Any questions about anything?  Ask them in the comments and on Friday I'll do a Q&A post.  Ask about anything:  me, Deathday Letter, publishing, what books you should read, net neutrality, how far I can stick my finger up my nose (the answer is: FAR).  I'm game for anything.

Have a great Cinco De Mayo!  Tomorrow I'm putting up my review of Monsters of Men, the final book in Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking series.  Hint: I cried.  Twice.


  1. Omigosh it's Cinco de Mayo! I'm a bad San Antonian. :(

    Changing up your eating and exercise routines is good; it can keep things from getting stale and sort of fool your body out of a rut. Replace any refined carbs you're cutting with fibery fruit + veg. Saw this cool smoothie on a friend's blog. I'd eat something crunchy or crispy with it, to have a range of texture.

    And I've never forgotten this: in Showgirls (don't judge me!) the new girl is told to eat brown rice and vegetables to keep her showgirl bod. I've forgotten most of that movie, praise Jeebus, but that food thing stuck. (Of course, the character is a rebel and eats a cheeseburger, but that's Joe Eszterhas' fantasy.)

    Also: water is life. Don't drown yourself, but keep things hydrated.

    (Thanks for the shout!)

  2. AW! Thanks for the shout out:) You are too sweet! **Hugs**

    PS - I am on pins and needles waiting for the DEATHDAY LETTER! ALMOST RELEASE DAY! WOOT!

  3. You know muscle weighs more than fat so if you are a lean 198 that is not bad.

    Hang in there. Your body is adapting to your weight loss procedures. You will begin losing again. Roland

  4. Answer: P90X

    Supposedly it's the only system that can beat the dreaded plateau.

    But I'm not one for any excercise. Ever. So I can't speak from personal experience.

  5. Don't get discouraged. Everyone here is right. Your body is adapting to the changes. It only feels as if you stalled. You're changing all the fat into muscle mass. Like nomadshan said, change eating habits so you don't lose interest. Keep it entertaining for yourself in losing weight. You'll start losing it again.

    Okay, I'll ask a question (two).

    What books would you recommend for summer reading?

    Since Cinco De Mayo was yesterday (oops - missed it), do you have any wild crazy stories involving lampshades worn on the head or wearing someone else's underwear home? (I swear I thought they were mine... I like wearing boxer shorts!)

  6. Shan: Brown rice and veggies? I'm on it! I love brown rice. Of course, the cheeseburger sounds awesome too.

    Cole: You kidding? I can't wait for KATANA. And it's like 40 days for DDL. I'm losing it.

    Roland: I wish I were lean, but thanks for the support. I really want to be in better shape by release day.

    Anon: You know, a friend of mine swore by that P90X. She had the videos but I could never tell if it worked because should couldn't walk by a gym without losing 10 pounds.

    Michelle: Awww, thanks :) Yay, I have questions to answer tomorrow!


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