Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Weeks to Go!

We're down to two weeks!  Exciting times.  Exciting indeed.

I don't want to ever sound like I had this terrible life.  In fact, I led a pretty charmed life.  I had a great home, parents who loved me, a good education, and all the chances in the world.  I'm a chronic slacker and underachiever, but that's my own fault.

But when things were tough, books were always my touchstone.  When the world outside was too much for me, I could always pick up Harry Potter or The Hobbit or Beowulf or The Dark is Rising, and escape.  Books were my sanctuary when nothing else worked.  They were safe havens filled with the kind of people I wanted to know and the kind of heroes I wanted to be.  I could retreat for a while into whatever world the author had created, and then find my way back, refreshed, ready to face the world again.

My fondest hope for Deathday is that maybe, just maybe, I can do the same thing for some other kid out there.

So I hope you all had a really stellar memorial day!  Lots of stuff coming up in the next two weeks.

Interview with Chris Richman, Agent Extraordinaire.
A review of the forthcoming THE BOOKS OF ELSEWHERE: THE SHADOWS by Jacqueline West
Two, count them, TWO contests.  There won't be cat puke involved in either.
Getting to watch me sky dive
And, if I can get her to do it, a guest post by my mom.

Probably other things too.  Quite frankly, the mania has crept in and it could get scary around the blog.

Until tomorrow!

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