Thursday, July 1, 2010

Show Me Your Deathday Letter Winners!

Hey everyone!  Happy Thursday.  Tomorrow's Friday and you know what that means? don't know what it means either.  Maybe we could start having Funny Hat Fridays.  Or Commando Fridays.  Maybe not.

Okay, so  the results are in and I have the winners of the Show Me Your Deathday Contest!

Random Winner:  Michelle McLean!
Aren't her kids the cutest?

Most Creative Picture:  Bonny Anderson.
This picture is brilliant.  I mean, come on, there's pudding!

So if y'all want to email me your addresses, I'll get the packs of Pulse books out to you!  And thank you to everyone for sending in pictures.  But don't stop!  Keep sending me your pictures of you with your Deathday Letter.  You never know when I may decide to do a random giveaway!  Also, I just love the pictures.


  1. wooohoo! You just made my day :D Thanks so much, for the books and the compliment on my cute kiddies ;-) and congrats again!!

  2. Oh, how awesome!! Sorry I'm late checking this out. So cool! Thanks and congrats on your awesome book!


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