Friday, October 15, 2010

Writing Rule

Lately my blog has become an example of a very important rule in writing: blogging/twitter/Facebook are not writing.

I've actually been ignoring blogger because both life and writing have pushed it out of the way.  I'll probably be down to a once a week schedule until I finish the stuff that needs finishing.  But this is just the way of life.  I think a lot of people who want to write focus too much on the social aspect and forget that 99% of getting writing done means shutting off the internet and doing the work.

The other thing we forget to do is have lives outside of writing.  So while I'm off doing those two things, I'll be blogging a little less frequently*.

However!  If there's anything really cool you want me to blog about, drop me a line in the comments.

*Of course this means you'll probably start getting quadruple the number of posts.


  1. Have to agree with you on all aspects. In order to write about life, you kinda have to live it, and that's something you can't find in Google. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Hiya Shaun, didn't have an email addy so I'm dropping a line here. You wrote about bullying not too long ago and I mentioned something about my own bullying experience to you.

    In any event something sparked a response from me and I wrote a post about the subject on my own blog. If you're interested the post can be found here:


  3. Good for you, enjoying life! SO important!


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