Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Chain - Out There

This week's blog chain, started by the awesome Amanda asks the question:

Are you a good social networker? What aspect of platform building do you focus on the most? Which aspects freak you out?

Blerg, I say.  Blerg!  

I admit that I go through phases of being a good social networker.  But mostly I suck.  When I began this blog, way back when, I did so more for me than for anyone else.  I wanted to keep track of my progress as I began a serious path to publication.  It was a of keeping myself honest.  Then I found myself with actual people reading this blog.  Over the years, I've tried to develop themes and such, but the simple truth is that I'm not organized enough for that.  I generally blog about whatever pops into my head at the moment.  I'm not particularly eloquent with my blogs because I often forget that these aren't just for me.

When it comes to Twitter and Facebook, I don't consider them platforms for my writing so much as places to chat. Sure, Twitter has helped me with promotion events, but I consider that a halo effect.  It's not why I do it.  To be honest, Twitter has lost some of its shine.  It's difficult to keep up with, I go for days without being able to check it, and sometimes I miss so many tweets that it's impossible to keep up.  Facebook is the same.

Between you, me, and the Internet, I'd much rather be a passive participant to all this social networking stuff.  I'm introverted by nature, usually seeking out one or two people to hang out with.  My circles of friends have always been limited.  So it's mentally exhausting trying to keep up with loads of people.  But at the end of the day, it's rewarding.  I've met some great friends through Twitter and Facebook and this blog.  The awesome folks on the chain are definitely at the top of the list.

For me, I just try to focus on being me.  I'm not everyone's cup of tea.  It's not possible for everyone to like you, so I don't try.  I just be myself and let whatever happens happen.

The only aspect that truly freaks me out is having to do signings.  I'm good with people one-on-one, and I'm good in front of an audience, but that aspect gives me cold sweats.  I think it's because people expect me to be funny.  I wrote a funny book which means I should be funny in real life, right?  Not so much. The reason I'm a writer and not a stand-up comedian is because I don't think of the funny stuff until hours or days later.

Right!  So what about you?  Go check out the amazing Laura and see what she had to say, and then go check out the spectacular Sarah tomorrow!


  1. You make a good point about being yourself and not worrying what others will think of you.

  2. I was just saying on Laura's post that I enjoy blogging but it's easy for me to drop off the face of the planet--to let my personal life or a project I'm working on take so much precedence that I forget to blog. I need to be better about that because it was one of the first ways I did introduce myself online and found other writers through it long before I joined Twitter. Like you, I get far more nervous at the idea of being in front of a crowd. I'm great at behind the sceens work, but getting up and being in front of everyone, holy heart palpitations.

  3. I find that I'm more comfortable as a passive participant as well. I'm a total lurker. Great post!

  4. All throughout this post, I was cheering, "Yes! I know what he's talking about! Yes! Yes! Hey, that's me!"

    Great minds think alike? :-)

  5. Great post, Shaun. And don't sweat the signings. You have a great conversational way about you. Just let that come through and you might even find yourself enjoying it more than you thought.

  6. OMG I am so like that. I was so worried that our agent would be disappointed after he talked to me on the phone because I'm not funny on demand. I'm mostly awkward.


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