Sunday, February 26, 2012

March is for Great Authors

So, for the month of March I'm going to be spotlighting some fantastic authors.  We'll spend a week with one of four authors.  Monday I'll post my review of their current book.  Wednesday we'll have an awesome interview, and Friday the author will have a guest post on a topic of their choosing.

The first author up is Margie Gelbwasser, whose book PIECES OF US is out March 8th.

My second featured author is Cole Gibsen, whose debut KATANA is also out March 8th.

So be sure to check back on Monday, March 5th when I'll have my review of PIECES OF US!


  1. I approve of this. I picked up Jellicoe Road because you raved about a bunch right after I read DDL and subsequently your blog.

    This was a good decision. More book recommendations? Yes please sir.

  2. Cole sent my daughters some of those throwing star hair clips and they are the dopest things, ever.


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