Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog 2.0

As you can see, I've updated the look of my blog and website. I hope you all like the changes.

Part of being a writer in this new digital landscape is the requirement that writers have an on-line presence. Some are better at it than others. Since I sold Deathday, I've been trying different things to see what worked for me. Some people are brilliant at Twitter. Some are great bloggers. Some love Facebook. I've learned that I'm pretty sucky at Twitter because I only have blocks of time to focus on this stuff. I like having Twitter so I can see what others are doing, but I'm bad about keeping up my end of the discussion. I hate Facebook, mostly because of how intrusive it is.

 Blogging though, that's something I enjoy. So I've redesigned my website around the blogging. Instead of having a blog here and my personal website and a website, I've unified everything. It's all here.

 The tech savvy will notice that my blog is still here at Blogger. I considered changing things up and hosting my own blog, but I've had a blog here for so long that most searches for me turn up posts to this blog. So instead, I just used a little technical trickery to move between blogger and my website with as much transparency as possible. I'll be working to tweak my blogger layout to look more like my personal site so that one day soon you won't even notice the transition. Until then, I think this works well.

 So, welcome to the new design. And, to all of you who continue to drop by, thank you for being awesome.


  1. We wouldn't come if you weren't awesome, so I guess it's awesome all around, then.

  2. Looks great to me, Shaun. Nice update!

  3. Eric - Thanks! Great hearing from you :)


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