Monday, July 30, 2012

The Anti-Social Media Experiment Wrap Up

So, for a month, I avoided Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and pretty much anything that even looked like social media.  I did cheat a little and reply to some comments here, but I forgot to take the notifications off and the replies ended up in my email.

I learned a few great things:

1.  Reddit is a huge waste of time.  The time I used to spend browsing Reddit is time I might as well have thrown away.

2.  I didn't miss Facebook much.  Not being on it made me feel like I was missing out on things, but it also made me interact with people more. If I wanted to know something, I had to talk to them to find out.

3.  Putting down my phone and engaging in where I was, showed me how isolated those things made me.  Putting down the phone also let me see how many other people are zombies with their faces in their own phones.

4.  I love to blog.  Even if I'm not the best blogger in the world, I like doing it and it's one of the places I'd like to focus on more.

5.  I've been missing out on Twitter.  Not on the promotional part of it, but just on the conversation part.  My problem with it has always been that I have a short attention span and Twitter is too much of a distraction.  So I have to learn to use it wisely.

All in all, unplugging for a while was nice.  And it's shown me that I need to be more involved in life.  Getting all your news about your friends from their Facebook feed doesn't make you involved in their life. That's a passive relationship.  We should all be active participants in each others' lives.

Now, moving into August, I promised to try out being ├╝ber active in social media.  So I'm going to do the following things:

1.  I will post a blog every day in August. I will also reply to every comment.
2.  I will spend 1 hour every day on Twitter.
3.  I will update Facebook and comment on Friend's posts at least 3x per day.
4.  I will make more friends on Goodreads and add more books.
5.  I will read other people's blogs and comment on at least 5 per day.
6.  I will sign up for Instagram and post 1 picture per day.
7.  I will post 1 YouTube video per week.

I was going to sign up for Pininterest and Tumblr but I'm concerned about copyright infringement, which another author posted about recently.  So I'm going to steer clear of those for now.

That's about all there is.  If there's anything else you think I should try, let me know!


  1. For me, Facebook is mostly the way I keep in touch with my friends and family out of state :) I have become a bigger fan of Twitter than I ever thought possible lol For the most part, I like that I can do quick updates via Twitter and FB and get quick updates on my peeps :) But...being quick is the key LOL I could easily spend hours on both of them and that is a time suck I just can't afford :)

  2. I tried to get you involved in a Twitter hashtag game the other night. I'd forgotten you were staying off. One thing I'll definitely be looking forward to from you is more blog posts.

  3. What a fun pair of experiments. Best of luck. Looking forward to an influx of blog posts this coming month. :)


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