Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 Days Into Social Media

So I'm seven days into my crazy social media experiment.  It's a lot different than no social media, though I'm not sure I like it better.

I've enjoyed writing the blogs and replying to all the great comments, something I think I'll definitely continue to attempt to be more consistent with. Though I admit that it's difficult to come up with something every day.

I don't care for Twitter much. There are great people there but I find the conversations difficult to jump into and out of. If I miss something, I feel like I've missed it. There's also a cliquey feel to it that I don't care for. It reminds me a lot of high school.

Facebook is Facebook. I enjoy knowing what's going on but try not to get too involved.

I've really enjoyed Instagram, though I need to find other friends' Instagram feeds. 

I haven't done my first YouTube video yet, but will this weekend. 

The constant need to stay connected is really taking a toll on my psyche, but, being an introvert, it's good to push my boundaries and see what I'm capable of.

This weekend I'm going to get my blog topics picked out so that I can be a better blogger.  I really want to tackle topics of agents and queries and profanity and what I think the difference between a great book and a popular book are. 

So, three weeks to go!

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