Friday, September 21, 2012

Be a Badass

Sometimes I wonder if people who have lived conservative lives of reserved joy get to the end and regret the things they didn't do.  Do they wish they'd quit their jobs to move across the country? Do they regret choosing to stay home rather than go to that concert 4 hours away?  Do they regret not swallowing their fears and doing something scary?  Do they regret that pride kept them from saying they were sorry?

I wonder about these things because I'm afraid of getting to the end of my life filled with those types of regrets.  I'm not the craziest person around, allowing myself to be dragged through life by my whims, but I try to live a life as free from regrets as possible.

Be awesome.  Be a badass.  Those are the things I tell myself when I'm scared to do something.  When I'm too tired to do stuff.  Be awesome.  Be a badass.  Don't wait until the end to do all the good stuff.

A friend was working on a book that she knew would be a series and while revising the first book asked me a question about whether to include a certain scene or to save it for the second book.  My advice was never to save anything for the second book.  Put it all in there.  Be a badass.  Because what if there is no second book?

I think that's how we should also approach life.  Why save the good stuff for later when later may never come.

Go forth and be awesome on this badass Friday.


  1. Go to the edge, but don't end up dead or in jail. That's the only caveat I've got.

    1. I'm with you on the dead part. But I'd go to jail for a worthy cause.

    2. That's a great point:

  2. Amen Shaun,
    I 100% agree ( also follow Matt's advice .)
    I frequently hear people say " if I could turn back time" or " if I'd only known then".
    I have no regrets. If I die right now I'm a happy man. I might have done some things different as my rebel ways ( when young ) hurt some people's feelings. Looking back at that I know I would do that different today. But being young an wild, you really don't care to much about other people's feelings.
    If there is something I am interested in, I do it, try it, ...
    I always say, I don't want to have to turn back in ten years from now and say:" If I'd only had ..."
    Life is to short to wait or for regrets.

    Crab today by the horns, make the best of it, be happy doing it, and try to make a difference.

    1. Ha! The spelling errors make it totally badass. I'm going to go crab today by the horns right now!

      Seriously though, you do make a good point about not hurting others. There's a really good thought about freedom that we used to use in high school debate. It goes like: my freedom to swing my fist in a circle ends when I hit your face. Crabbing life by the horns is the same way. Be a badass, just don't be a dick.

  3. Sorry for the spelling,
    I have big fingers and this touchscreen is small.
    * head against the wall *

    1. English is also your second language, Kris. I know you probably don't like to make excuses, but I think you're writing is great, considering.


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