Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amanda Palmer's TED Talk

Have you seen this?  If you're an artist, you must watch it.  Amanda Palmer is inspiring and awesome.


  1. I'm not too familiar with Amanda Palmer outside of Neil Gaiman, but I'm amazed by the whole crowdfunding thing. My friend Adam works for a company designing a crowdfunded video game, and their kickstarter just went live this morning at 9 AM, and they already have $800,000 pledged. My mind is blown.

    1. I think the brilliance in these crowdfunded projects is that supporters get to invest directly in something they believe in while artists get to do things that large corporations don't believe will make them money. The best number from her talk was that her record label considered 25k sales a failure whereas 25k people was the number of people who contributed to her kickstarter.

      In situations like these, everyone wins. The artists gets to make their record and pay their bills, and the backers get an album that likely wouldn't have been made otherwise. And as someone who's been to a live Amanda Palmer show (that Neil Gaiman happened to speak at), I can say that Amanda is so invested in her fans. She's not just someone pandering to them for money. She genuinely loves the connection and puts on one hell of a show.

    2. I wrote about the whole thing today. And forgot to credit you for showing me the video at first, but I've updated it now.


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