Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing Prompt - Fly the Scary Skies

I was poking around my old journal entries yesterday and I came upon this weird little snippet that'd I'd written after observing a flight attendant on a plane ask the passengers in the Emergency Exit rows if they were comfortable performing the duties that came along with it, and noticing the lackadaisical attitude of the people as they agreed.

Sure, they figured, they'd never have to worry about opening the emergency door and helping others get out first.

But what if the duties of sitting in the emergency exit row were different?  What if, instead of having to open the door in the event of an emergency, the people sitting in that row had to spend the entire flight fighting to keep that door closed? Because their lives depended on it.

Would they agree so eagerly?  Or would they give their choice some thought?  How much is extra legroom worth to you?

Hutchinson Airlines.  Fly the scary skies.

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