Friday, April 12, 2013

FML Fridays - Giveaway

Since this week has been crazy and I'm super busy and you guys are all so awesome...I've got two copies
of FML to giveaway today.

And I'm going to make it super easy to win one.

Leave me a comment here

Tweet with the hastag #FMLFridays

Go do something nice for someone who's having an FML kind of day, and let me know.

Do any one of those things and you're in.*  I'll draw the winners randomly at 4pm eastern time today.  So spread the word and have an awesome day.

Happy FML Friday!

*One entry per person.  No shenanigans. Matthew, you can't enter. Your copy will be on the way as soon as my envelopes come in. 


  1. <3 I'd love to win one and shall SPREAD THE WORD!

  2. I'll spread the word, even if it reduces my chances of winning.

    1. You win! Send me your address and I'll put the book in the mail on Monday :) my email is



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