Friday, April 26, 2013

FML Fridays - Obsession

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week.  I've been pretty busy organizing stuff for the FML launch.  I
can't wait to share it all with you :)

Today I want to talk about Simon's obsession with Cassie.  Simon has been in love with Cassie all through high school and the things he goes through in order to tell her how he feels about her are a little insane.  You wouldn't be wrong to think that he goes totally overboard.  But who hasn't gone completely overboard?  Who hasn't gone a little mental over someone they liked?

One of my most embarrassing stories is the story of how I started smoking when I was 19.  Thankfully, I managed to quit about 6 years ago.  But the story of how I started goes like this:

I was in college, in a class called Practical Logic.  It was basically a math class without numbers.  I was shy and geeky and didn't have many friends in school.  I'd recently broken up with this loser that I'd been seeing for a couple of months, and there was this guy in the class that I thought looked like someone worth getting to know.  I remember that he wore a lot of "My Bloody Valentine" t-shirts and seemed, like me, to be extraordinarily bored with the class.

Every day before class, I'd sit outside the building.  Usually, about ten minutes before class, he'd show up and have a cigarette.  I wasn't totally keen on the smoking thing.  My mom had smoked and it reeked, but the last guy I'd dated had also smoked and I knew it wasn't a deal breaker.  I thought for a long time about how to talk to him.  Then I came up with the completely brilliant plan of asking him for a cigarette.  I'd walk over, bum a smoke, we'd chat, hit it off, and live happily ever after.  Right?

One problem:  in my brain, I thought it would look suspicious if I asked him for a cigarette even though I'd never smoked before.  Logically, my only choice was to start smoking.  Build up the idea that I'd always smoked, and THEN ask him for a cigarette.

Which I did.  I smoked for the rest of the semester, waiting until the last freaking class before putting plan Cigarette Bum into action.  It worked. I talked to him, but only for a few seconds, and never again.  The only thing I got out of that whole experience was a 7 year addiction to cigarettes.

When it comes to guys, I've done some ridiculous things.  But that was probably the dumbest.  And  for someone I didn't even know!  Which is why, when it comes to Simon Cross and  Cassie Castillo, there's almost nothing that boy won't do to tell the girl he loves how he feels.  It's excruciating to watch sometimes, but also hilarious and ultimately awesome.

As a side note, I did run into that guy one other time.  I'd moved from South Florida to Atlanta for a little while, and I walked into this random used record store.  I saw him standing up by the counter.  He looked and me and I could tell he recognized me, and all I could think was, "This guy's gonna think I followed him all the way from Florida."  So I promptly turned around and walked away.

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  1. Hah! That would've been an embarrassing shopping experience.


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