Friday, May 24, 2013

FML Friday - Monthlong FML Celebration

I know I've been pretty coy about what I'm going to be doing to celebrate the release of FML on June
25th, but now I can finally share what's going to happen.

When I say that I'm a lucky guy, I can't overstate this.  I asked my friends if they'd be willing to write me an FML story from their high school days—either an fml story or a story about a small moment that changed the course of their life—and boy did they deliver.

So starting Monday, June 3rd I'll be releasing a new FML story each weekday until FML's release day on June 25th.  Along with that, I'll be giving away books, swag, and some other amazing stuff including a manuscript critique from me and a query + 25 pg critique from my amazing agent Amy Boggs.  And I'll make the contest super easy.  All you'll have to do to enter is leave a comment on one of the June entries with a small FML moment of your own.  I'll choose the winners randomly from that.  And if you want to spread the word, you'll receive everlasting gratitude from me :)

Now the fun part.  Here's the list of rad freaking people who are contributing.

  • Amy Boggs - Agent at Donald Maass Literary Agency
  • Christine Johnson - Author of Claire de Lune, Nocturne, and The Gathering Dark.
  • Cole Gibsen - Author of Katana, Senshi, and Breathless.
  • Emilia Rhodes - My former editor at Simon Pulse (and the person you have to thank for grabbing up FML!) and currently an editor at Alloy Entertainment.
  • E.M. Kokie - Author of Personal Effects.
  • Jennifer Hubbard - Author of The Secret Year, Try Not To Breathe, and the forthcoming Until It Hurts To Stop.
  • Josh Berk - Author of The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procrastinator, and Strike Three: You're Dead.
  • Margie Gelbwasser - Author of Inconvenient and Pieces of Us.
  • Matthew MacNish - Future author of awesome stuff and the brilliant man behind The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment.
  • Michelle McLean - Author of To Trust a Thief, the forthcoming A Bandit's Stolen Heart, and Homework Helpers: Essays and Term Papers.
  • Sarah Diemer - Author of The Dark Wife, Twixt and one half of Project Unicorn: A Lesbian YA Extravaganza!
  • Jennifer Diemer - Author of Seven: A Lesbian Snow White, and the other half of Project Unicorn!
  • Trish Doller - Author of Something Like Normal and the forthcoming Where The Stars Still Shine.

Like I said, I'm so lucky to have such great friends, and I'm mega excited to share all these stories with you.  So spread the word and mark your calendars for June 3rd!  Let the month of FML begin!

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  1. This is going to be epic. Don't forget to remind me to link to you, and send my readers this way.


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