Monday, October 8, 2007

The Write Program

I don't know if anyone reading this (if anyone even reads this) uses FileMaker, but I'm designing a solution for writers. I've long been unhappy with the programs used to organize characters and plots and all the puzzle peices that go into story writing, so I've been designing my own. I'd be happy to share it with anyone when it's finished, or even in the development stage. The only caveat is that you have to have FileMaker 8 or above.

"No one ever believes that the words they say to another person might be the last words they ever say to that person, so they don’t choose their words carefully; they throw the words around like knives, aiming at the broadside of a barn, hoping some of them stick."

That was my favorite line from my progress yesterday. I've decided to do something decidedly difficult with this story: chop it into two separate parts. On one hand, my main character enters this other world, while in the real world, oblivious to everything else, his family has their own plot line. The two are obviously related, but what each does, doesn't affect the other. There are two voices inside me: One says to write them as two seperate stories and weave them together later, the other says to write the story the way I want it read. In the long run, I doubt it matters, but I want this story to be done right. Either way, yesterday was productive.

I promise to rarely shill for a television show, but I'm such a huge fan of character over plot, and I got onto a show last night that has some of the most well rounded, completely drawn, amazing characters on TV right now: Friday Night Lights. No, I don't like football either....I hate it actually, but I'll tell you this, by the end of the first episode I was in tears, and I found myself cheering the team on. I never get like that. The football takes a back seat to the characters, so never fear about that, but you should watch it. It's really amazing. Done.

Word of the Day: Midget (take a moment to consider the impact of using non-politically correct labels for characters)

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