Thursday, November 15, 2007

Burn This City

Blogger has this little bug where if I tab too far and end up in the Labels box, it freezes Safari, and I have to force quit and restart the program. Coupled with the fact that my work network is dragging today, means I come to this post in a foul state of mind.

My mom is coming down today for Thanksgiving. She'll be down for a week and then leave. This is usually a cause for happy joy, but I'm on the home stretch of the first draft, 5 or 10 chapters and I'm done (my book has gotten way bigger than I anticipated). Since I have a 4 day weekend next week, I was hoping to finish the whole thing between now and then. My mom complicates that because she'll want to take up all my time, essentially killing my ability to work this weekend. Sigh.

However, my next project is coming along nicely in development. If anyone out there reads this and can draw, let me know. I need help. Anyway, the basic idea is starting to form, concepts are solidifying. Broken Earth Trilogy. And that's all I'll say about it.

On the writing front, I have gotten a lot done, but I know I have so much more to do. In the process of doing this, some things have changed that I need to go back and make work. My style has cleaned up and my narrative is a bit tighter. Although I noticed that the first half is prose heavy and the second half is dialog heavy.

Word of the day: Concubine

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