Friday, November 9, 2007

Cool breezes

The weather has been beneficial to my writing.

I really thought I'd update this more, but I've actually been giving birth to some really great stuff. I just finished off Chapter 16 this afternoon (I took another Friday off to enjoy the weather, but I have to make it up tomorrow...ick), and it's pretty fantastic. That puts me right at about the 3/4 mark. I think I have between 8 and 10 chapters to go. They're averaging approximately 4500 words per chapter so I'm looking at anywhere between 108K and 120K words. The National November Write a Novel Month is going on (I think that's the name). I really wanted to participate, but I'd already stared my book when I found out and I didn't want to lose steam. Anyway, their goal is 50k words in one month, and that 50k words is about a 175 page book. So that puts me at about 400ish pages. I think that's pretty respectable for a first book.

The nice thing is that not only have I been just churning out stuff for this, but my brain has been in overdrive, getting crazy with new ideas. So in my spare time (ha!) I've been developing some of them to see which one might be good for the next book.

I will keep the updates rolling when I can.

Word of the day: Gallimaufry

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