Friday, February 15, 2008

I could do this for a living

Yesterday I took a sick day from my office.  There's a freakish power struggle going on and the whole office has turned into a pressure cooker and I was just over the whole thing, so I called out.  I used my time to enjoy a wonderful day of writing.  

I finally reached the conclusion of Chapter 7.  It's a nice chapter, but it's significant because it sets the stakes for the rest of the book and ultimately for the whole series, which is kind of a big deal.  It also give my kids purpose, which they needed.

Chapter 8 is moving along nicely.  It's really cool to watch my character's take the lead at different times based on their own unique skills.  Jak has really set himself up to grow into a leader, but there are really going to be some tough growing pains.  Other than that they're going to go to sleep and wake up and start their grand/terrible adventure (depending on whether you ask Jak or Felix).  

Word of the day:  dour

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