Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When Jak met a Giant

He called her Ma'am.  I know, but just because you meet a giant doesn't mean you don't have to use your manners.  

Chapter 7 is stretching out and I'm wondering how best to work it.  I mean, I know what I want to do but the conundrum is that the chapter feels like it has reached its end, but I'm building to something that's going to happen in a few pages and if I end the chapter and move my big something to chapter eight it might lose some of the momentum I've been building.

Regardless, Jak and Co. have finally met their Giant and it didn't go anything like they expected.  The word "offal" shows up at one point.  It's great fun really.  Though I haven't had a long continuous period of time to work on this chapter, I'm really fond of it and it's pretty much been a breeze to write.  I guess you never forget your first....meeting with a giant.

On other fronts I'm working on a craft project for my nephew and my "nephew" (my best friend's son).  It's called Fantasticus Alphabeticus.  I know it's not terribly original idea-wise but I'm going to hand write it and make some nifty sketches for the boys.  It has things like "A is for Apples, surely enchanted.  And All Hallows Eve when death's shroud is lifted."  I don't know, maybe it's cheesy, but I think that it's kind of cool for a baby.

I also read a news article from 2004 that disturbed me but also gave me an idea for a story.  It's about a young boy (14) who convinces an older boy (17) through the internet to kill him.  The younger boy pretended to be like 12 different people, one of whom was British Secret Service, and convinced the older boy that if he killed the younger (whom he believed to be a terminally ill boy that was the brother of a girl he had met on-line [who in turn was actually the 14 year old]) he would have a job in the secret service and would earn half a million dollars.  You can't make this stuff up, but you can add a twist to it and make it your own...which I one day intend to do.

It's nice to have ideas lined up.  Another one I got while working on my  alphabet book was about a rock star who learns that she was stolen as a child and raised by the Bendith Y Mamau, who gave her her supernatural musical abilities, and that while she was there, a Crimbil child lived in her place.  Faced with a perfect life that is falling apart she will seek out her otherworldly parents and learn what she forgot.

Word of the day:  Krampus (a name not a word)

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