Saturday, February 9, 2008

Old Friends & the Roads Taken

These are my words.  They belong to me.  They are the words that sprang from my skull and leaked onto the page through my pen.  Everyone has words, but these words are mine.  

Today was a good day of writing and a fantastic day for writing.  (To the left is a tiny picture of what I did.)  I ran out of coffee last night and it was too late to go out, so I figured it would be a nice day to drag my notebook out to Starbucks and spend the morning writing.  I usually write at home but I used to love writing at Starbucks (before they became the McDonalds of coffee).  I ran into an old friend of mine and spent an hour talking to her, which took time away from writing time, but was nice all the same.  
I spent a humid hour outside trying not to sweat or eavesdrop on the elderly German couple who spoke in hushed tones while I wrote.  Fortunately my German isn't that great so they were either plotting ways to kill me and devour my kidneys, or the gentleman didn't like the belt he had purchased and wanted to return it (for the record, I didn't care for the belt either).

After I got home I threw on the final episode of Friday Night Lights of the season...and possibly forever.  I just can't believe that such a fantastic television show like FNL can't find an audience. If you want to see real characters, written superbly, watch FNL.  Then lament that you haven't been watching the whole time and that you're probably the reason it's going to be cancelled.

After a nice little cat nap I finally got back to my kids.  I just wasn't feeling it and then the sky turned dark and opened up.  For nearly two hours, while I sat on my patio, it stormed and my hand was possessed.  I'm pretty sure I was writing with honey instead of ink, and I closed up Chapter 6.  Up to now, my kids have had some fun, we've gotten to know them, and we've had a taste of what's to come, but going forward, their story is going to be non-stop.  The first six chapters were like the uphill part of a rollercoaster and the beginning of chapter seven has us looking over the edge, knowing that the release is about to come.  I'm pretty happy.  

In terms of my fountain pen experiment, I have gotten over the awkwardness of it all and I really feel like it's helped me connect with my words.  I may not write every chapter like this, but it has become my preferred way to work.

Word of the day:  Fickle

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