Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fitter, falter, stumbling blocks

Minor pains and gripes have made me lose my rhythm a bit, which is bad because I'm in a place where I desperately need it.  Yesterday I was pumped up for a great writing day and then I woke with a headache I couldn't get rid of.  When it had finally cleared enough to work a bit, the lawn people started mowing the grass.  (For some reason I like writing where I can see the sun and I write less well when I can't).  By that time I was a grumpy puss.  I attempted to write inside but then my $200 Fat Boy decided to take a crap and stop working, at which point I threw up my hands and read the news until I had to go to work.  

I was going to type up chapter 6 from work but I ended up moving offices so I had no computer access for the day.  Then I was on my way to the gym after work and I saw a Starbuck's and though I'd try to recover the day and get some good stuff done.  Only there were these three oriental women who were talking so loud that I couldn't concentrate.  It wasn't their fault, but when people speak English I can tune it out, however when someone is speaking a foreign tongue I can't.  

I've got an emotionally intense, very action-y part coming up and I need to be "on" to get it right.

I'm also itching to finish stuff so that I can have a bit of a sense of accomplishment
to spur me on so I think I'll do a short story .

I wish I could fall down a hole to finish this's really draining me.

Word of the day: Leech

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