Friday, March 7, 2008


Rafn is my new character who showed up to help my kids in their little quest to rescue a famed warrior from giants.  We also had the introduction of a myth and a sword, which was neat.  

Did I mention that I hate house-sitting?  I was all discombobulated yesterday and it was raining sheets, so I hoofed it back to my house and enjoyed a nice time writing.  Well the getting there was terrible owing to the fact that my car door is just a bit tweaked.  I locked my keys in a few weeks ago and the locksmith, who was really very nice and competent, used an inflatable whatchamajigger to open a space in my door to wedge his professional coat hanger in to.  He apologized for breaking the "cardinal rule" (which I suppose is not to go in through the driver's side door) but had given it his all on the passenger.  As a result, my driver's door doesn't seal and I get annoying drops of rain that enter when it rains.  Yay.

One of the downsides to being in a good place creatively is that the ideas continue to knock around in my head, ignoring the do not disturb sign I put up.  I've had a fantastic idea about a girl named Rachel who sets out to find out where all the adults have gone.  One day a couple of  years earlier, all the adults in all the world just vanished while their children slept.  With the adults gone, strange things began to happen to the world:  things that were imaginary became not-so-imaginary.  It's kind of an Urban Fantasy meets Lord of the Flies.    

Word of the day:  whatchamajigger

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