Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Learn something new every day.  I always thought they proper use of "slut" as an adjective was "slutty."  Turns out it's "sluttish."  Slutty isn't even a word.  Live and learn.

I'm going to send out my story "Falling is Like This" and see what kind of response I get.  I'll update when I've heard something.

I got Jak drunk, which was fun.  I'm not enjoying writing at my house-sitting house; I just can't find an area I'm totally comfortable in, and that sucks.  I only got a couple of pages done yesterday.  They were good and fun and we met a new character, but I just felt 'off.'  I'll be heading home this weekend so hopefully I can get back on track.

I started listening to "American Gods" on my iPod.  It's pretty decent.  I'm curious how he handles the "gods" in the story, so that I can make sure I don't do anything similar when I start with Minuet.  That story needs a LOT of research so I'm trying to get started on it, but I'm loathe to split up my focus.

Word of the day:  Sluttish!

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