Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I do it

I have beliefs, but I don't consider them particularly political. I rather consider them humanitical. Writers make up words; suck it up. My beliefs aren't political because I don't believe that any politician living, dead or undead, has the authority to grant of deprive me of my basic rights. My rights, freedoms, are mine until such time as I violate another person's rights (at which point all bets are off and I start sharing a cell with Tiny).

I'm sorry, where were you going with this again? Banned books. That's right. What are books? I mean, other than those thick things I keep on my coffee table to impress dates? Books are ideas. Your ideas, other people's ideas, universal ideas. And as such, they can never be banned. Banning an idea is like banning thought. Who does that? A lot of people apparently. And that's why we have banned book week. Please read a banned book. Read lots of banned books.

My dream (if I ever get published) isn't for my books to win prizes or accolades, it's that someone attempts to ban my books. If people are trying to ban books then it means that there is something in them that scares them, that has made them think, that has challenged their notions of what is good and right.

And I have nothing against people who challenge and ultimately try to have books banned, because they help me decide what I need to read that I haven't. Awesome right?

And that's why I do it. That's why I write. To piss people off. Kidding. It's to piss them off enough to try and ban my future books. Kidding again. I do it because I have ideas. Those ideas might be unorthodox, they might be strange, they might be common (other people think about shadows with zippers right?) but they're mine, and I want to share them with as many people as I can. Like chickenpox.

Read banned books....right now. Like this second. Don't read another word.


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