Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loving Boulder

Hanging in Boulder has been good for the soul.  I've been working on my super secret new project but it's been tough going.  The plot, the story, are all awesome, and I'm one hundred percent certain that this is THE story, but it's been tough getting started.

The difficulty is in striking the tone and deciding whether to go with third or first person.  I keep circling around, trying to find my entrance point and nail down the narrator's voice.  I'm not anywhere near worried though.  The last week has not been conducive to writing.  I've been traveling and staying in a house filled with people, all constantly wandering around, had made it tough to concentrate for longer than five minutes at a time.  So I think I'll be able to work it out once I'd settled back into home and my schedule.

In other news, I'm reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, and I'm pretty happy about it.  It does suffer from the one thing I dislike about Gaiman's writing.  It feels cold to me.  Maybe it's just me but we'll see.

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