Monday, October 13, 2008

Speaking of Day Jobs

I'll be making a move soon, a move out of Florida to Colorado. I've hated FL for a long time but couldn't think of where I wanted to live. A friend suggested CO, so I looked into it. Immediately I felt stupid that I'd never thought of living there before. Skiing? Check. White water rafting? Check. Nature trails? Check. 4 seasons? Check. Rock climbing? Check. It pretty much has all the stuff that I want to do and enjoy doing. Plus, it's close to a decent sized city, and has a more planet-friendly stance than my current home.

The move won't happen until the beginning of next summer, but I started thinking about what I'd do for work. The dream would be to write full time, volunteer at the local Fire Dept., teach ski lessons during the winter, and travel during the summer. However, the reality will be far, far different. I'll likely have to take a day job to continue supporting my writing habit. But what to do? I've done a lot since I got out of high school.

I've waited tables, I'm one semester away from a BA in literature, I've managed a wholesale liquor distributor, trained as a firefighter/emt, sold insurance, managed IT for a med. sized company, worked at an environmental law firm, slung coffee at Starbucks, managed a whole lot of retail stores, was a fork lift operator, a graphic designer. There may not actually be a job that I haven't had.

I guess I'll just to wait and see. The nice thing about all these jobs is that I've lived in various states, been around a wide variety of people, and experienced things that I might not have experienced if I'd stayed put in FL, done 4 years of college, and then taught like I was supposed to. I think it just goes to show that there is no one road that's good for everyone.

By the way, I was so caught up in what I SHOULD write next, that I got myself all in a tizzy. I lost two projects because I put too much pressure on. So this weekend I zoned out to some bad movies and worse TV, and gave my muse a rest. She responded with my next super secret project. Like, DDL, I won't be discussing it until it's nearly done, but it's going to be freaking AWESOME.

Write on.

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