Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First post of the year

This year is all about the exclamation points!!  

I've got two books on revision right now, so I'm using my writing time to write spec scripts.  Why would I write television spec scripts?  Because I'll be going after a spot in the Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship for 2010.  Yeah, feels early to be thinking about that, but the deadline is sometime in the summer and I have to learn how to write a spec script.  My chances are miniscule, but when you look at the chances of snagging an agent or getting published, this doesn't seem that far fetched.  

I've decided to read one book a week.  Last week I read two:
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks
Life As We Knew It.

Life As We Knew It was by far the superior of the two.  It was real and raw and it made me bawl like the cry baby I am.  Get it.  Get it now.

The Disreputable History... wasn't bad.  In fact, it was compelling and I read it in just a couple hours, but it ran off the rails about mid-way through.  I knew where I thought the author was going to go, and then she went WAY out in left field.  It was disappointing.

That's it for the first post.  Nothing new.  Nothing new to discuss.  

I started a writing community over at LJ if anyone wants in.  Super Happy Writing Time!

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