Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big Revision

Waiting. It's what I'm learning to do a lot of.

I wrote Deathday Letter and waited to hear back from agents. I sent them the manuscript and waited to hear their responses. I did some revisions and waited to see what they thought. We submitted to publishers and then waited to hear back from them. I did more revisions and waited to see if they'd bite.

Now I'm waiting for the last set of BIG revisions. Essentially what went down was that my fantastic editor loved my voice and characters and concept, but thought I'd kind of missed the mark on my plot, so she bought me a clue and set me loose to see if I could revise based on her input. She liked it and the book sold. But it's still not finished. In a week or so I'll get a book-sized list of suggestions that I'll have to digest and incorporate (or not) into my book. It's scary. I was game on the original revisions because the plot didn't really change, I just focused in on something else. It's like when you take a picture, and it's an awesome picture, but instead of focusing in on the person in front of the tree, you focus in on the tree. I'm scared that, having had a few months to mull it all over, they're going to want me to get rid of the tree all together and focus on something else.

I'm likely just fretting over a thing that won't be an issue, but that's what I do when I have to wait.

Still, it's all awesome.

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