Monday, April 27, 2009

To a Better Week and Beyond!

Starting out the week with a laugh...

BTW - The Pretty Woman he's singing about is probably in his basement under a tarp.


  1. Man, that guy has a great face. Like he just woke up after 800 years. Or has a hump that switches shoulders when his boss isn't looking.

    Good luck with DEATHDAY LETTER revisions and your new book. If you can come up with "a blind guy in a room full of marbles", you can figure out what the new book needs.

    In the meantime, the clown hunter short is crying to be written.

  2. I was stunned when I saw this. Usually I find YouTube to be a repository of searching through yard sales, but every once in a while I find gems like this old guy.

    I accept your challenge! I had this idea for this book of short stories about clowns. I'm not a very good short story writer though. I have crazy respect for people who can distill an idea into something that's only a few thousand words. Maybe it'll be fun to try though.


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