Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello, Tuesday. We Meet Again.

Been busy reworking my outline. I had some moments of outline panic, but a nice chat with my fantastic editors cleared it all up.

I'm not used to other people giving me their opinions on my work. It's cool and strange and annoying. Yeah, I said it. Sometimes it can be annoying. But just because it's annoying doesn't mean they're wrong. Doesn't mean they're right either. What it means is that I (and every other writer out there) have to become a better listener. I have to learn the art of zen and the scary editing letter. I have to learn how to take comments, evaluate them, and make them work for me. I also have to stop feeling bad for possibly disagreeing with all the changes. That's part of it too.

It's all a crapshoot.

Either way, we're chugging along now. Heading toward the July 1 finish line. I can't wait.

I also slacked on Monday and worked on my probable next project. I created RocketBall. It's a combination of rugby and basketball but with heely type shoes equipped with ion propulsion. Just think jetpack shoes and rugby.

This week I leave you with a pug in a toilet.

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