Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Mania

Hi internet!

Loving WolframAlpha. It's not your typical search engine. It's used to find data sets. It's pretty geektastic. Good for anyone looking for hard data. Try stuff like you name or the meaning of life.

Outline got in on time. Should get outline edits back today. I'm pretty scared. After a thousand tiny cuts, will my story still be my story? Too dramatic for Monday morning. Moving on.

I'm twittering. It's a sickness. Follow the sickness

I'm working on a new design for my forthcoming website. I'm not sure what to do. I want something simple and fun and something that reflects my personality. As much as I love my ironically scary bunny, I need something more. I'll be posting some designs in the next few weeks and getting some input.

In a couple of weeks I'm moving. Being that I'm wishy-washy, I'm not ready to sign a new lease and give up on moving to CO for another year, so I'm doing the next best thing and staying at my parent's empty house for a couple of months until I can finish my revisions and turn my full attention to making this decision. There are lots of pros and cons, but right now I can't wrap my head around anything bigger than the dangling participles in chapter 3.

I'm fat again. Sigh. It seems like I do this bi-annually. I get fat from writing and working behind a desk (and let's be honest, too much TV), I get angry about it and hit the gym/bike/run hard for about three months, get into really good shape, go on a vacation, and slowly slide back into bad habits. I get a little sad when I have to go from smalls and mediums to larges, but I tell myself I'll get back on the wagon after [insert random deadline here]. And finally, I wake up one morning, look at myself in the mirror, and realize I'm gross again. It's a really sick cycle. I keep telling myself that what I need to do is find a sustainable lifestyle, but it's difficult when I'm writing 4 hours a day, working 10-11, and having to take care of a needy dog.

Anyway, I have issues losing weight without a goal. The first time it was to get into the Fire Academy. I got into the best shape of my life. The second time it was to be fit for my Europe trip. It got into great shape. This time, I'm going to do it so that I can run a marathon. It's a good goal and one that I can go after again and again. It gives me a goal that I can keep setting higher, so that it's never really achieved. Soon I'll start a weekly post that gives all the gross stats (weight, diet, running times, etc.).

And to begin the week: A turtle humping a shoe.

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