Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Mixed Bag?

Since I don't get a lot of questions, I'm thinking that Friday should just be a free-for-all. So for the time being, I'll be using Friday's to post on whatever I feel like posting about.

I was going to post about the Orwellian Kindle Debacle but, really, isn't everyone sick of talking about the basic right to privacy? Amazon said, "My bad, yo," right?" Instead, I'm going to discuss this: "Porn Star's Husband Out of a Job."

Okay, let's get all the jokes out of the way right up front.

"I bet she'll give him a job."

That's all I've got. Moving on.

Here's my beef: I don't know what's going down in Ft. Myers, but in these economic times, should it really matter how someone's spouse earns money? Shouldn't we just be grateful that she's not another statistic, humping the leg of the already taxed federal government, for benefits? I for one, find it hard to believe that anyone cares who a local official's wife does on video for everyone to see. I mean, come on, give the guy a bone. He married a porn star, not a Nazi. It's not like she's doing community outreach for the Ft. Myers' public schools or anything.

Which leads me to my second point: Maybe using Jenke's wife wouldn't be such a bad idea. Listen, I don't think we should turn politics into a spectacle, but look at how much Sarah Palin brought to the table. I mean, her chest alone brought in more votes than all the Russians in Alaska. Imagine what a porn star could do for politics? She'd certainly have no trouble getting people to meetings. So I don't think they should have fired Jenke, I think they should have given him a raise, or hired his wife.

Which brings me to the climax of this post: which Ft. Myers' resident was lucky enough to uncover Jenke's foxy little secret? It's not like Mrs. Jenke was wandering around Ft. Myers with a T-Shirt that said, "I'm the porn star wife of a lucky local politician." Someone had to have seen Mrs. Jenke in action and then put two and two together after he finished...his research. Yeah. It was research. So it's okay to watch porn but not to be in one?

Okay, now seriously. There's a gaping hole in the logic that Jenke's porn star wife would have been a disruptive force for the community. Unless every meeting was called to order by watching clips from her private library, I can't imagine how this is even an issue. Porn is legal. Porn is a useful social component that, frankly, people in America are way too uptight about. I mean, I get that America was founded on the backs of undersexed Puritans, but haven't we moved beyond that? Shouldn't Jenke's buddies on the council have just been able to high five him and move on? I guess not. The issue was just too large to get a good grip on.

In closing, I want to live in a world where politicians are allowed to marry porn stars and not be persecuted. And I will not rest until I can live in that world. So say we all.

I'm spent.


  1. So many that's what she saids in there! Gah!

    I agree. Let's take off our buckled hats and stow our muskets and get on with the business of 21st-century community leadership.

    It's not that hard.

  2. And that's how you end on a high note. *grins*


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