Friday, July 24, 2009

Another New Website Design

Okay, I promise that I'll decide soon. Until then, I'd really appreciate comments. I'm putting the links to the two I'm thinking about going with. None of the links work yet, but whichever one I choose (if I go with either) will serve as the springboard for the rest of the site. I really appreciate it :)

Whiteboard Design (this one is more based on my personality).

Graffiti Design (this one ties to the book slightly since there's a prominent brick wall in my book).

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to have in terms of links. I'll probably do a place for contests, but for now I'm just focused on the design since it's not really my strong point.

Thank you!!!


  1. I love the whiteboard design! The other design makes me want to air up my pumpable LA Gears and go listen to Run DMC...but the early nineties are cool again - so what do I know?

  2. I like the whiteboard one...for whatever it's worth

  3. My thought: you should use the whiteboard for your author website's front page since it reflects you and part of your writing process, and the brick wall for THE DEATHDAY LETTER's book information page.

    Do you know any kids in your target audience? They could tell you which they prefer. We have teen interns working at Magik this summer -- I'll try to send some your way to comment.

  4. Cole: HA! I was thinking MTV's The Real World :)

    Christine: It helps mucho. Thank you so much!!

    Shan: I got a bunch of the other debut 2010 authors to chime in over on LJ and it's overwhelmingly looking like the whiteboarders have it, though I'd be really curious to know what some teens think. Thank you :)


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