Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNoWriMo - Day 1

Word Count: 3941

Today was a great start. I began with an image and took off from there. I've already begun to veer from the vision I had for chapter 1 in my outline, but that's okay. It's not a big veer, just a little one. I thought I would be going on this non-stop writing fest, but I woke up late after staying up way late tinkering with my netbook, then after about an hour of working, I got hungry so I called a friend and went out for brunch. By the way people, just because YOU like the smell of your perfume, doesn't mean that the person sitting right behind you in a restaurant won't get sick at its overpowering stench. Seriously. I'm just saying.

After that I wrote at home some more, then I went to Books-A-Million and wrote a little more. Met another friend for coffee. Now I'm going to clean and catch up on some reading.

I think I've had too much coffee today because my internal monologue sounds like Mel Brooks. Tomorrow the real challenge begins. It's easy to blow out 4k words on a Sunday when you've been given the gift of an extra hour. Not so easy when you've got errands to run and work to go to.

The first day is the easiest. It's all uphill on rollerskates from here. Have a fun night!

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