Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NanoWriMo - Day 11

Words Written Today:  3630

Today was a little slower than normal.  Not only did I have a lot going on (namely my parents deciding to pop into town for a surprise visit!) but I was just having a slow day that involved a lot more staring at the screen with my fingers poised over the keys, not quite sure what to write.  It's a combination of just being a bit tired and also hitting a lull in the story.  I just passed the midpoint of the story and, while I know where I'm going after the midpoint, I'm not entirely certain how to get there.  There's two big "reveals" in UNDO BUTTON.  One comes at the midpoint.  The other comes shortly after that.  Then the climax and resolution.  It's getting from that first reveal to the second that I'm having trouble with.

But what I learned today was to just keep writing.  I'd actually thought about using Justine Larbalestier's NaNo tip about skipping those bits and putting them in square brackets, but I want the words.  So I decided to press on and do the best I can.  And you know what?  I'm really happy with the direction I went.  I used a loose subplot and tied it to the main plot.  Sure, I'll probably end up cutting a lot of what I did today because a lot of it looked like, "And then I did this and then I did that, and then I said this," because that's how I was able to get from one point to the next, but I got there, and that's all that matters.

How's everyone else doing out there in NaNo land?


  1. I definitely have secondweekitis. I'd rather be watching the six and counting episodes of Ghost Whisperer on DVR. As it is, I took of yesterday as a 'mental health break' and watched five of them. And tomorrow is 20k Day and now i'm 5k behind...

    But I guess these middle days are not about being ahead or behind, but that we just keep writing.

    We can do it!


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