Saturday, June 12, 2010

So, Best Day EVER

Hey!  So I'll be announcing the winner of the AWESOME CONTEST #1 on Monday morning and announcing AWESOME CONTEST #2 at the same time, so tune in!

Today was really amazing.  I drove to to Jensen Beach to meet fellow Tenner Christina Diaz Gonzalez, author of THE RED UMBRELLA.  Not only is it an amazing book, but Christina is just a class act.  She's funny and sweet.  I'm a shy person by nature, but seeing her work with people was such a great experience.  She introduced me to the manager of the BN who ordered some of my books so that I could sign them.  It was really just a fun great time.

On the way there, my friend Pam and I stopped at a Books-A-Million just to see if my book was on shelves there yet.  I'd been hearing rumors of it showing up in stores and wanted to see it for myself.  Well, it was there.  I just about peed my pants.  And I definitely scared a couple of patrons.  There were two girls there, and they were staring at me like I was completely insane.  So I handed them the book and told them about it and then ran!  I am a SHY person.

After meeting Christina, we went across the street to the Borders to see if THEY had Deathday Letter in stock.  They had one copy.  Pam was squealing and I was being bashful.  Well there was this totally sweet girl there named Kelsey who was just about as shy as I was.  She asked me if I'd sign the book for her right there so she could go buy it.  When I say that it made my day, you have no idea.  It was the first time I'd signed a book for someone I'd never met, and Kelsey was so cool about it.

It was an all around amazing thing for me.  It was one of those experiences I'll never get to do over and it was perfect.  Kelsey, if you're out there:  I really hope you enjoy the book!  YOU ROCK!


  1. Oh man, too exciting. And how cool for Kelsey?! A few years from now, she'll be all, "Yeah, I got the first signed copy EVER."

    Will make a field trip here to scout for copies. Guerrilla merchandising may ensue.

  2. SQUEE! I'm going to the book store on Tuesday to get my copy! Can't wait!!!

    Love the pics, btw. You are so adorable ;)

  3. Newbie to your blog. Don't remember how I found it, but glad I did! Congrats on your book.

  4. It was so great to meet you in person yesterday...and you better get used to signing books because I have a feeling you'll be getting tons of requests very soon! (Glad I got my signed copy early.)

  5. Yes, buying this book for sure. Did the publisher put out a hardcover? Pictures look like paperbacks, not that it matters.

  6. This is so exciting!! So happy for you! Just awesome about the book signing and book ordering. Yay!! You rock!

  7. Shan: Yay for guerrilla merchandising! My mom and my aunt are doing the same thing this week. It's pretty funny.

    Cole: You're making me blush :)

    Vicki: Welcome to the crazy! You picked a fun week to join :)

    Christina: It was so great meeting you too. You are so awesome and I had a great time. Seeing you work with people makes me less anxious about having to do it :)

    Tracy: No hardcover unfortunately. Trade only.

    Margie: No, YOU rock :)

  8. oooo I'm going to go to my Borders today and see if they have it :D And I will totally be looking at a copy and casually "accidentally" leaving it propped up in front of all the other books every chance I get :D

  9. I just ordered my copy from Amazon! Yay!

    By the way, hi! I've been silently stalking your blog because your brother is my other half/husband. Ryan has been SO CUTE talking up you and your book to anyone who'll listen. I can't wait to read it!

  10. That is really an amazing story. I can only imagine your excitement! It's awesome to see your success. Congratulations.

  11. So much fun to read about your best day ever! Congratulations to you... I'll be off to the bookstore tonight to buy your book.

  12. Wow man. Just Wow. I hope you are still celebrating and floating among the clouds. This has got to be such a ride, and you deserve every bit of it.


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