Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, Twitter! Thy Sword is Mighty.

I keep promising longer posts about something I'm working on that I hope to release in Jan/Feb, but a revision that I'm THIS close to finishing is taking up all of my free time.

But I've been doing something for a while now that I thought was interesting.  Sometimes I fight sentences.  I work them and rework them.  This goes for paragraphs too.  But they don't quite work.  So I'll take them and put them into Twitter and tag them as #favwiplines.  Putting them in Twitter forces you to conform to the character length rules.  And I want the lines to actually make sense to the people on Twitter who might read them.

So it forces me to rewrite the lines, and I've found that 99% of the time, the way I structure it for Twitter is a million times better than the line I'd been trying to rework.  I'm in crazy mode right now so this post is a little crazy too.  But the gist is:  Putting troublesome sentences/lines/paragraphs in Twitter can help you be concise and brief while still getting your point across.

Go, Twitter.  I still hate your new iPhone app.  Give me my old one back.



  1. So, did you structure these sentences for Twitter?

  2. No...but now that you mention it, I wish I had.

  3. I think this may be the sign of the apocalypse.

    And I use Tweetdeck on my phone, the native app is crap.


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