Friday, October 26, 2012

More updates

I bought a bed!  This might not seem like a huge, momentous event, but in the history of my life, I've never actually bought my own bed.  My beds have either been given to me by my parents or (in the case of my last bed) purchased from a neighbor who had never used it.  Since my move to Fort Lauderdale, I've been living like a college kid, using paper plates and sleeping on an air mattress.  Things that seemed fun when I was 24 are damned annoying now that I'm 34.

But last night, I bought a bed.  It was quite the experience.  We braved the rain and tropical storm winds to buy a bed.  It'll be delivered tonight and I am so excited.

The next cool thing is that I can announce that I'll be contributing a story to an anthology called GRIM. It's being edited by friend and fellow Pulse author Christine Johnson, author of the fabulous Claire de Lune and one of my most anticipated books of next year, The Gathering Dark.  GRIM is a bunch of dark retellings of Grimm's Fairy Tales.  That's a whole lot of creepy awesomeness.  Just check out the authors in this book:

Kimberly Derting
Sonia Gensler
Tessa Gratton
Claudia Gray
Rachel Hawkins
Amanda Hocking
Ellen Hopkins
Shaun David Hutchinson
Julie Kagawa
Malinda Lo
Myra McEntire
Saundra Mitchell
Jackson Pearce
Sarah Rees Brennan
Dia Reeves
Jon Skovron
Jeri Smith Ready

I'm pretty thrilled to be part of such a diverse and amazing group of writers.  So, yeah, it's due out Winter 2014 and my story may have something to do with certain pied piper.

So, that's all for now!


  1. I'm pretty sure "purchasing from a neighbor" still kind of counts as "buying," Shaun.

    Just kidding.

    Otherwise, awesome. Can't wait to read it.

    1. It wasn't really buying a bed because I didn't even get to test it before buying it. There's something so grown up about dealing with pushy salespeople in bed stores.


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